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Spring Housing Slowdown? No Way! Here's Where Homes Are Flying Off the Market!

It’s (almost) time to put away the ice scrapers and banish that bulky, battered winter coat to the rear of your closet. Spring is here—and it’s not just the mercury that’s heating up. This is the unofficial kickoff to the home-buying season, when buyers come out of hibernation and start hitting the open houses in earnest. And this year’s spring market is extra significant, since it will tell us whether the recent slowdown in home sales and price appreciation is just a fluke—or the new normal.

But while everyone is obsessing over prices, prices, prices, we're taking a deep dive this week into lesser-known waters, a (data) stream that can help bring the big picture into focus, warts and all: how long it takes homes to sell. After all, when there's way more demand (eager buyers!) than supply (homes for sale!), it means places fly off the market in mere days—terrific for sellers, not so much for buyers. A more leisurely paced market indicates a slowdown, and that translates into opportunities for price-conscious buyers to window-shop and negotiate while sellers cool their heels, and get a wee bit nervous. Tony Frenzel Picture. Article from

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