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Here Are the Most Popular Cities for Homebuyers in 2022—and the Places People Can’t Wait To Leave!

he COVID-19 pandemic shook up just about everything—especially where many people live. It caused a mass real estate migration unlike any in recent memory. Lots of folks traded the cities for suburbs—more space! fewer people!—while others relocated to new, often cheaper, parts of the country.

And with the popularity of remote work that allows buyers to live just about anywhere and the growing frustration with record-high home prices, the real estate reshuffle isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

In the first quarter of the year, more than half, 59.7%, of all of the views on the home listings on® came from shoppers based in other metros, according to recent research. That was a 4.6% bump over the same time last year.

Folks in the chilly and pricey Northeast were the most likely to look at homes in other parts of the country. About 37.2% of them viewed properties in different regions. About 26.4% of folks from the Midwest, 25% of those in the West, and just 11.3% of people in the South also searched for residences located elsewhere. By Clare Trapasso

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